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Meet Gina Wagner

GIna WagnerFirst-hand knowledge of a major disaster many years ago fueled an interest in the home inventory industry for Gina Wagner. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Ohio, Gina Wagner moved to St. Pete, Florida. In 1985. When camping with a friend in Sarasota, Hurricane Elena came onshore. They had to tie the camper to a tree, hold on, and, in her words, “Pray a lot!” She has since returned to Ohio, and resides on the border of Brooklyn and Cleveland.


That first experience with a natural disaster is as fresh in her mind today as it was back in 1985. More recently, she almost lost her house, the contents, and her dogs to a house fire. A surge protector that was under the couch started burning – and there wasn’t even anything plugged into it! Luckily, she discovered it just before leaving the house, so avoided a fire. She also discovered what she would do next.


Gina was in the process of researching what type of business she wanted to create. After hearing about the personal property inventory service, her memories of the hurricane in Florida and her recent near-fire experience were the defining factors in her decision-making process.


Doing her due diligence, she talked to people who have experienced destruction personally to learn what they went through during the claim process. Gina also discussed the idea with insurance agents, learning from them what exactly happens, and what is required of the policyholder, when you experience a loss. Realizing what she could have faced if she had a loss, Gina realized that a personal property inventory service is the right business for her!


Wagner’s professional career is as full as her educational pursuits. She worked for several accounting firms throughout the years in the Administrative/Office Manager field, ranging from small four-person offices to national firms with offices located throughout the United States. Gina also co-published a 10,000 distribution monthly newspaper that focused on awareness of the many small businesses in the City of Brooklyn.


Gina’s educational background includes an Associate Degree as a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst. Her creative side encouraged her to also achieve certifications in Floral Design and Graphic Design. Immediately upon starting her home inventory business, she achieved her designation as a Certified Inventory Specialist (CIS) through the National Inventory Certification Association.


Serving Brooklyn, Cleveland, and Northeast Ohio, Wagner’s Inventory Services is insured and holds a Business Services Bond.


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